Sexual Orientation vs Romantic Orientation | A Brief Guide

According to Google, "sexual orientation" is a term that refers to a person's sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted. In other words, your sexual orientation is the type of people you are sexually attracted to.  But for some people, their romantic attraction - i.e the people they want to be in a relationship with - may not entirely match their sexual orientation.

Lessons I've Learned From Writing About Sex | Sexclusive

I've been writing this blog for just a few months but in this time, I've learned so much. Not just about sex and gender but also about how best to approach the subject. Evidently, these lessons are incredibly important as sex has the potential to be a very sensitive subject for many people and, as liberal as I like to think my readers are, it feels wrong to make assumptions and so I feel a great deal of responsibility to be careful in the language I use and the topics I cover.

Here's What British Sex Education Needs | Sex Ed

If you know me at all, you'll know that I'm a massive advocate of improving sex and relationships education in the UK. I feel like it's something that we hear about a lot - that our sex ed isn't up to scratch - but I also feel like very few people are talking about what actually needs to be included in these lessons. So, I thought I'd make a quick list of some of the things that I'd like to see more class discussions about and then you guys can leave all your own ideas in the comments!

Feminism for Dummies | Here's what you need to know

I've described myself as a feminist since I was 13. It's a label that I always thought I fully understood - it's just equal rights for women, isn't it? That's just common sense! But it's only in the last year or so that I've actually started reading up on feminism and we've even been studying it at school as part of my Government and Politics A-Level - and I've come a long way in comparison to 13 year-old Eleanor. Who knew feminism had such an interesting history and so many nuances and contradictions? Since this is a topic that I really want to start talking about here on Sexclusive, I thought that instead of beginning with a really hard hitting subject like "how can we reconcile liberal multiculturalism with our feminist goals?" (this is something I've love to talk about if anyone's interested haha), I figured I'd better start at the beginning. So here we have it: feminism for beginners.

here's the low-down on the best sexy podcasts

There's nothing I love more than a good podcast. When I'm in the bath, drinking a cup of tea and listening to my favourite podcasts, everything is okay in the world.
And it'll surprise absolutely no one that my favourite podcasts tend to focus on sex and gender.
So since I love them so much, I wanted to share them with you so that you can go and show them some love.
Here they are:

Fun Facts | Sex Edition

In my mind, sex is one of those topics that never fails to make for interesting conversation. It provokes a reaction no matter what, be it arousal, intrigue or just plain hilarity, it's rarely met with silence.

In the time I've been reading up on sexology, I've found out so many interesting things about sex and I've shared many of them in my blog posts. But there's some facts that I just haven't been able to squeeze into any of my other topics, so I thought I'd dedicate an entire post to sharing some of them with you all. Let's go:

Porn: A Positive or Negative Influence?

Recently, on the internet (particularly on YouTube), there has been a lot of discussion about pornography and whether it is a good thing or a bad thing. As someone who isn't entirely sure what I think about porn, I figured I'd write down all my thought processes in order to make sense of it in my head.